Archie's Challenge - Year 1

The Archbishop Of York Trust - "Archie's Challenge".

Each week, from January 2020, Year 1 children will be taking part in "Archie's Challenge". This is a Young Leaders Award, where the children consider the needs of their local community and build a habit of helping others.

It incorporates PSHE, R.E, Literacy and many other curriculum topics.

There are 4 key elements of learning in this challenge:

  • Kindness (January/February)
  • Perserverance (March/April)
  • Teamwork (postponed due to school closure)
  • Action (postponed due to school closure) 

The children will do tasks within school, but will also be given challenges to do at home.

They are asked to evidence this by documenting their actions. They can do this in their Archie's Scrap Books which will incporporate a range of evidence, such as photographs, small notes and pictures.

Photographs can be sent to 

At the end of this challenge, the children will use all they have learnt and put it into action via an event within school. This will now be a Christmas 2020 event.

They will then be rewarded with certificates, pencils and badges.

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