Art and Design

Art and Design is very important to us at St John with St Michael Primary School and we have chosen one of our core values at our school to be 'creative'.

Art and Design is taught in every year group at our school. Our Art and Design Co-ordinator is Mrs Camps. 

In the EYFS classrooms their are 'Creative Areas' which give the children the opportunity to develop their creativity include model making, painting and play dough.They also learn Art and Design skills in small groups led by an adult. 

In Key Stage One their skills are developed further where they complete lots of art projects including one on the Great Fire of London. 

The whole school also gets involved in art projects especially at Christmas where the pupils get the opportunity to make art displays around school, Christmas cards and decorations. 

We often link out artwork to entrepenural events where the children design and make things to sell for various charities. We also promote the importance of our work through theme assemblies and theme days.


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