Our Playground Values

Meet Our Playground Pals

At our school we have a group of 'Playground Pals' who keep the peace at playtimes and ensure everyone is safe, particularly the younger children.

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They have worked together to come up with a set of playground rule based on the Christian values we use in school. 

They choose the following quotes from 'Galatians 5:13-14' to base their rules on:

" Serve one another in love."     "Love your neighbour as yourself"


Our Playground Values:

smileyBe Safe

smileyBe positive

smileyBe responsible

smileyBe respectuful

smileyBe helpful

smileyBe co-operative

heartHave a happy heartheart


Our Playground Rules

We let everyone join in with games.

We use kind hands and feet.

We speak kindly to everyone.

We are extra careful with the ball around younger children.

If we are hurt we tell an adult immediately.

If somebody else is hurt we tell an adult and try to help.

If someone else is not following the rules we tell an adult.

We forgive people if they make mistakes. 


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