Equality Statement

All aspects of school life should be relevant to pupil’s everyday experiences and to today’s world. It
should be equally accessible to different ability groups, to children of both genders, and to pupils of
all social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

  1. All students are entitled to every opportunity to achieve their potential without being
    limited by assumed emotional, intellectual, physical or social qualities based on stereotypes
    of class, gender, age, learning style or race.
  2. All students are entitled to learning experiences that help them to participate fully in our
    multicultural and multiracial society; to form relationships with those around them and to
    care responsibly for themselves and others.
  3. We will meet as appropriately and as effectively as possible the particular needs of all
    students having regard for gender, race and cultural, linguistic, religious and social
  4. We will build on the strengths of the cultural and social diversity of the wider school
  5. We will encourage teaching and learning approaches, which promote positive attitudes,
    raise expectations of staff and improve the self-esteem of students.
  6. We will promote a shared understanding of this policy among all members of the wider
    school community and encourage them to be fully involved in the educational process as
    administrators, governors, parents, staff and students.

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